The Kitchen Calendar

The Kitchen Calendar came about through a desire to celebrate the importance of ritual and tradition in the home. Each month of this calendar illustrates the seasonal recipes that fill the kitchen with the scents of autumn, or which capture the flavour of summer, and the tasks required in the garden at each time of year.

In recognition that so many of us rarely have the chance to observe the subtle changes of weather, plants and food that mark the changing seasons, Laura’s aim was to capture the things that make each month unique. This colourful and intriguing calendar helps us to mark and remember the changes in nature throughout the year.

A few of the months in the 2020 calendar are shown above. Click on the images for a bigger view. The final page, a portion of which is shown above, shows how the illustrations in this calendar form a seamless, circular image that could be mounted on the wall after the year is over!

You can purchase the calendar in our shop.